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New plot thread up in Europe. This affects the world as a whole, if you are in any faction you may want to check it out.

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Guide to powers

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Guide to powers Empty Guide to powers

Post by Spoodnick on Sat May 17, 2014 10:57 pm

Powers don't usually come out until around puberty it can be different but that is a average since hormones help to kick start the virus.

The powers in Perfect Imbalance are essentially a virus. This virus is both hereditary and contagious, being passed down generations. Each time the virus was passed down it became stronger, granting the infected unbelievable powers the world hadn't even dreamed of up to this point. Every single person's virus has mutated differently, giving every-one a unique and special power. Their children will share the same power as their parents. Depending which Chromosomes are more potent in the child will determine whether they get their mothers or fathers power. In some cases the power of the parents combined, forming an all new power for the child. For example if the mother controlled water and the father controlled fire, the child would be able to control steam.

As the powers one acquires is a virus it must draw from the natural resources of it's host, primarily adrenaline. Perfect Imbalance's powers are fueled by it's hosts adrenaline, while you can use your powers without it they are significantly weaker or must draw from another source of power such as your body temperature. Thus, in the world of Perfect Imbalance people have created syringes of artificial adrenaline. Using the bodies natural resources apart from adrenaline is too draining on the human body.

Power Types
Each power can be placed into one of three types, depending on said power's attributes and uses. These categories are Regulation, Fabrication and Mutation.

The Regulation category allows the user to interact and manipulate the world around them. Being able to control a substance or material. Examples of this are: Fire Manipulation, Amphibian Manipulation, Telekinesis, Flight and Conceptual Music.

The Fabrication type allows the user to create organic and non-organic objects out of thin air. However once said object has been created the user has no control over it. Examples of this are: Melanokinetic Blade Construction, Fire generation, Smoke Release, Electricity Emission and Bullet Generation.

The Mutation type allows the user to alter objects, the world around them or themselves. They are able to change the physical properties of any one object, even on a molecular level. Examples of this include: Enhanced Agility, Super Speed, Reanimation, Any kind of Physiology and different Weapon Proficiency.

Power Category
There is another three (3) categories in which your power will be placed in. Offense, Defense and Utility, these are more base categories. While you won't get a power bonus depending on the way your power works, aka the Regulation, Fabrication and Mutation categories, you will get a boost depending on the Offense, Defense and Utility categories.
Offense beats Utility. (Flatout punching and attacks will defeat any navigation that utility can yield)
Utility beats Defense. (Utility circumnavigates defense)
Defense beats Offense.(the sheild is mightier than the sword so to speak)

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