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Zoid Wild Frontier
News Board

Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:51 pm by Spoodnick

New plot thread up in Europe. This affects the world as a whole, if you are in any faction you may want to check it out.

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Niccolo Ferrari WIP

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Niccolo Ferrari WIP Empty Niccolo Ferrari WIP

Post by mojojo on Sat Dec 06, 2014 2:52 am


Name: Niccolo Ferrari

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Occupation/Faction:Portatore Di Morte

Hobbies: Eating American Italian food, playing chess, sleeping, and fighting

Normal appearance:
Niccolo is average height and proportions, with short dark hair and a generally serious expression. He tends to wear
History: (What was your character's life like up to this point?)

Personality: (How does your character act, any hobbies or interests? likes or dislikes?)


Power: Air manipulation

Drawbacks/Limitations: Currently, the user is limited to manipulating air, forming wind currents. There are many other possibilities that will have to wait for power evolutions….

The maximum range of air control is 30 meters. Beyond that range, anything the user was controlling is released, this including blades of wind, and objects the user was shifting using the air. 30 meters is also the highest the user can fly at the moment.

Capabilities: The user is able to manipulate air, at the moment this consists of creating various effects with wind. The user can manipulate air to form air currents, as a result the user can do a number of things including:

*Flight (at the user’s speed, the flight speed cannot be affected by the user’s other abilities)

*Wind Blades: Can launch up to 5 blades of wind 1 inch wide and 5 feet long, that move at the speed of the user.

*Wind Sphere: Can create a strong spherical gust of wind centered on the user that is 1 foot thick and 6 feet in diameter, automatically flowing around the user and the ground. If the user is not touching the ground the shield will form a perfect sphere, otherwise the air will flow over the ground, and around the user’s feet. Objects in the way that weigh less than the user, and other people, will be pushed away to the outside of the sphere with this technique. People who have ways of boosting their speed or strength will be able to break through the sphere but will find their speed or strength reduced by that of a normal persons. (So if a person with the strength of 3 men tried to break through the sphere, he would succeed and be able to use the strength of 2 men while inside). Duration is up to 2 posts, the cooldown is equal to the number of posts used, +1.

*Atmosphere Influence: Increases or decreases the speed of any object with any physical presence (so things such as vapor, flames, or shadows that can be manipulated are all affected by this). To speed an someone/something up, the user decreases the air density immediately around the targeted area, and starts a wind currents that push in all the same directions. The opposite is done to slow something/someone down, increasing the air density and forming wind currents that push in all the opposite directions. The net effect of this is that the user can slow down or speed up 5 objects or people maximum, reducing or increasing their speed by a quarter.

Category: Utility is probably the most accurate

Type: Regulation

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Niccolo Ferrari WIP Empty Re: Niccolo Ferrari WIP

Post by Spoodnick on Mon Jan 05, 2015 1:10 am

Just curious as to whether or not you're still working on this. Are you?

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